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Posts tagged ‘The Great Northern Hotel’

cliffy’s dogs and family business.

Such a pretty girl, flashes of underside colour like a dancers' petticoats when she flies overhead

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through the hotel window, mick’s $20

Mick has long taken to the drink like a lot of Ballina men, and he likes the first one early and the lack of it has determined that he lose a little dignity in his morning routines.

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the slaughterhouse, the cooking room.

A dark passageway, all the walls wet and over there a young man racking up a firehose. He watches you pass by. The smell in here is overpowering.

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a small town welcome ~ byron bay 1964

She leaves the café and locks up the front doors, then walks around you and climbs into the car. You notice that she has nice legs, and he is still standing there undecided, so you bleed a little onto the footpath in submission, waiting for him to go away.

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