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Posts tagged ‘Palm Beach’

drowning but not quite waving

These two didn’t die today as they made the side of the channel and waded onto the bar

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cracker’s christmas – trapped in a surf shop

‘ You wanta EXPLAIN,’ exasperates Thommo, ‘ how a man with forty years of surfing this city from Cronulla to the Box has to deal with a hundred racks of dresses and bikinis and every fucken thing under the sun but fucken BOARDSHORTS?‘

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marrying a surfer – category 2

Aged anywhere between twenty-five and forty, members of this category write their choice of surfing destinations for the coming weekend in their work diary only after they have completed extensive Internet research involving reading synoptic charts

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cliques, the bondi variety

These lads are known to meet from time to time around one of the tables of the Great Northern in Byron Bay with their part Filipina grandchildren squabbling around underfoot, and they mutter and grumble over their drinks about typhoons and squalls, and Catholic wives.

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home and away (with you all ..)

Please, these old men are NAKED ..! This is not a wholesome influence on a series that relies on the significant sexual growth of 12 year-olds - one glimpse of a naked dodderer and make-up goes right into overtime. Think of the kiddies - please!

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