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Posts tagged ‘Hong Kong’

the restaurant

a californian reisling

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the bus driver

this shouldn't be a drama

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the commonwealth bank, and doing business in china

everything fails

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go straight to the finger

this is from a woman's point of view

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brisbane. the road in

G20 next year is the plan, security the Key.

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how a pro interviews slater and parko and doesn’t have to pay for the drinks

they get delivered

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zen tourist

Sometimes a crusher tries his strength. American.

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shearers’ fish

The Mulloway

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the golden leaf

One hundred and eighty two women with black hair and delicate ears. Rosebud mouths.

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the oldest of old men

the tiled walkway

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in amongst the spectres

who would defy creation

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An incident in hong kong.

The trail of the Somerton Man.

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the hotel gym – hong kong

The young lady slipped off her satin tracksuit bottoms in order to better massage her upper thigh muscle-sheath

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bumped up – the bhazow diaries

Fontana placed her lovely hand on Bhazow’s thigh. Squeezed it softly.

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bhazow, the expat in hong kong – the job applicants (part 2 of 2)

The Hong Kong interviews - how it all went wrong

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bhazow, the expat in hong kong – the job applicants (part 1 of 2)

How travelling abroard broadens the mind, empties the pocket, and astounds the senses. We follow Bhazow the Expatriate.

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the kimono girl ~ china stories 2

Everyone is drunk. Young Chinese men roam around the room with their bottles, demanding a fair sharing of the rotgut - they jam their bottle necks into the white faces demanding a toast.

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I went to Macau once

years ago

long before your time ~

We took the big double hull ferry from Hong Kong on a pearl-grey

China day

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