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Posts tagged ‘Eternity’

let’s talk about Pipe

assassins in the lobbyways

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jackson pollock and washaway sand dunes

Pollock must have had the eyes of a house fly to see the same thing close up as from a distance.

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the late nights

We would sit together in the back room, just the two of us, talking about Eternity

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in america ~ florida to texas 1968

When he pushed the cafe door open all talk inside ceased and to a man the twenty or so truck drivers inside swallowed their eggs and browns and breathed in a load of venom and held it fast.

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the jewish kid, harry

Imagine counting every grain of sand on the beach, and in the park, and all those carried away in cars over the last 30 years. Tourists travelling from here to all corners of the earth. Imagine.

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after the funeral

The Lady from Amsterdam

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