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Posts tagged ‘cocaine’

the end of the surf shop – times are a changin’

The real difference between Lady Ga Ga and Mick Fanning. Love and envy.

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marrying a surfer – category 1

They have a masochistic disposition to the wearing of sharp pointed metal trinkets on, or in, their ears, eyes, eyelids, tongues, cheeks, noses, fingers, navels, nipples, toes and genitals. Buttocks for some unfathomable reason have remained free from such mutilation.

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the neighbour’s boy

And after they have gone Max’s father patrols the dark streets and collects his own collateral, dumped surfboards. He usually collects a couple each year, and after three years of hard looking he found what looked like an old MP Fangtail, ridden to the death, but still in one yellowed and bruised piece.

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