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Posts tagged ‘abattoir’

doug, the hopperman

Doug stood up and backhanded him twice to the wall, all splintering glass now, and spilt beer and dumbfounded shock

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the shute

Les Heath worked there alone for each of the ten-hour shifts, and in his fastidious way he executed up to two hundred and fifty beasts each day before he made his way back to the small cottage he leased behind the southern corner of Broken Head.

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the loading gang

Myth has it that Archie, Head Ganger twenty years ago, deliberately knocked over one of these office maggots with an open side of beef and the exposed rib bones sliced away half of his face.

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the hide room

Lightless ponds that rise from time to time and issue a swell of virulent discontent from a deep rupture unmeasured.

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the slaughterman

hooded men from the freezer rooms muffled up in layers of rags and old sacking, slaughtermen with their bare forearms and faces crusted with heavy sprays of blood, local toughs wearing scabbards full of razor edged knives.

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