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The Chinese Way ..

Confucius described old age as a “good and pleasant thing” which caused you to be “gently shouldered off the stage, but given a comfortable front stall as spectator.” This honorable sentiment paints a melancholic image of how senior citizens should be treated, given peace in their twilight years while able to freely dispense their wisdom to younger generations.

Saturday 22 Oct 2022. Former Chinese President Hu Jintao is gently shouldered off the stage during the closing ceremony of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in Beijing.

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  1. Very shrewd juxtaposition Pete!

    October 25, 2022
    • That’s what got me into so much trouble with the Avalon locals, how I could juxtaposition myself inside and pinch the sets ..
      Seriously though, I can appreciate how the Chinese adhere to their traditions.

      October 25, 2022

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