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how’s your recall?

Surfing World was the first to give away the secrets of the north coast and southern Qld and how those images of Bob Evans and his chosen companions on their various treks up there drove us crazy. It should have been us with him, at least he did the right thing and bought his movies to the Bronte Surf Club every couple of months. Good man was Evo, righteous, and his magazine is still around and being run by Vaughan Blakey and Sean Doherty, who just by the way have threatened to publish one or two of my dribbles in this month’s edition.

I’m betting there aren’t too many out there who can put names and places to these covers, sixty plus years on does that to the boy who bought these magazines and read them cover to cover until the pages wore thin then then cut out the pics and pinned them to the walls of his bedroom.

Header pic is Evo going for cover at Narabeen in 1961 … and this is what his old magazine looks like now:


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