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cyclone oma

Updated 22 Feb 2019.

Cyclone Oma has been forecast to throw a U-Turn and loiter in the Coral Sea where its continuing commotion will light up every north-coast point that likes swell from the east and wind from the south. There are millions of surfers in the water, everywhere.

Oma, originally a low pressure system, dropped out of the monsoonal belt earlier in the month and flooded north Queensland. It has since moved offshore the Qld coast and continues to confound everybody with its changes of direction

Oma remains a Category 1 cyclone.

A Category 1 cyclone’s strongest winds are GALES with typical gusts over open flat land of 90 – 125 km/h. … These winds correspond to Beaufort 10 and 11 (Storm and violent storm). BOM.

Today’s images

sat image.jpg

Image and advice was issued at 10:58 am AEST Friday 22 February 2019. No Tropical Cyclone Advice is current for this system. (BOM)

oma 22 feb.png


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  1. Shane Robert Fisher #

    The closest I can get to this, is Oma likes the pokies. She won’t sit in the seat, she comes up to a machine, straddling the seat, but not sitting on it. She will put a few dollars in, tap the machine in distinct ways, that Oma only knows the methodology.

    She will quickly lose patience, then go on to the next machine, slowly working her way up the machine rows. Oma has grandchildren, ungrateful grandchildren that don’t understand why and children that will never explain why. She doesn’t care at the moment, she looks over her shoulder at all the kerfuffle she seems to have caused. Oma will spend her inheritance or her force of will, whichever comes first.

    February 23, 2019
  2. yeah, baby …

    February 23, 2019

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