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bondi forever: the documentary

A word from Terry Jenkins. 

Hi All.

I am pleased to advise that the Distribution of the “BONDI FOREVER” Documentary has progressed with big steps and the prime time public broadcast dates in Australia and New Zealand are as follows on the FOX/NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC DOCUMENTARY CHANNEL :

PREMIERE – Sunday 18 November at 7.30 pm.
REPEATS  — Tuesday 20 November at9.30 pm ; Tuesday 27 November at 3.30 pm ; Thursday 29 November at 8.30 pm.
There will be scattered repeats outside prime time during November and there will be further scheduling for December with dates to be confirmed.

To date there have been broadcasts throughout Asia and the last count confirms the Documentary has been shown in over 55 countries. The response has been extremely positive.

There are currently advanced discussions with both Channel 10 and the ABC for free to air broadcasts . This will follow the exclusive broadcast period held by Fox/Nat. Geo.

QANTAS and JET STAR will commence showing “BONDI FOREVER “as part of their  International and Domestic in-flight entertainment as from December. Discussions are also being held with other International Airlines who have shown interest.

So that we keep this project “totally Bondi “, I have arranged for well- known and respected Bondi surfing identity RICK TEODO to do some “BONDI FOREVER ” Caps , T-Shirts an Hoodies. When I have the samples from Rick I will put photos etc on line for viewing. Those who were involved in the production will be given items as thanks for their contribution. To make it completely Bondi , the Graphic Artwork was done by Sempai AI IKEDA from the Bondi Junction Kyokushin Karate Dojo. Sempai Ai previously held the Australian Kyokushin female lightweight Title and has competed in world karate  tournaments in Japan. Following a karate tournament in Indonesia last year Sempai Ai was given surfing lessons by Matt Ellks at Vila Selina in Bali and Ai now wants to get serious with surfing once she finishes tournament fighting.

Thanks again for your support. It was a big project and we shot over 100 hours of footage. However, I’m happy that the story is being told by “Bondi People” and is dedicated to the People of Bondi, and that was my goal with this project.


Terry Jenkings.

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  1. Terry Jenkins #

    If the Consorting Squad was still going I’m sure I would have been arrested by now given the crew I tracked down for interviews. I would have loved to use old Sth Bondi nicknames like Zulu , Harry Hungry Hair, Joe The Goose etc in the Doco , but political correctness has tied our hands these days.

    I’ll send on to AndyC. As a very young gremlin I watched him make his moves with the girls hanging around the rocks at Sth Bondi. Even though he wouldn’t know me, I was in awe of his front and ability to conquer.!!!! I still am!!!

    I did this project as I was tired of hearing recent blow ins ,who seem to think they know Bondi , talking about Bondi people & history they didn’t know, events they weren’t at and places they’d never visited in Bondi.
    Anyway, I’m glad it’s done and a little history has been told for the future generations to appreciate where they came from.

    I’m pushing the Surfing Museum for the Pavilion, but once again finding it hard to get Blow Ins to understand that Bondi is a surfing beach , not a pottery studio.

    We’ll catch up one day and talk about some of those characters that, even though spread all over the globe, have always called Bondi home.


    Terry Jenkings.

    October 7, 2018
  2. Mike Bennett #

    Terry, any word yet if it will be shown the U.S. and if so, when and where? What a bloody shame mate that you couldn’t use the nicknames, political correctness has gone too far!! Half the fun in our memories are the crazy names given to us. Think I could sue anyone for calling me “the Canadian Kook?” Nope, don’t want to…I can live with it!

    October 20, 2018

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