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the big table


This is the big table, it can be anywhere in the office because the big table changes hands and everyone who has a table in the office can claim the big table if he has the right M&M mix

The M&M’s.

They’re what makes the guy at the big table the BIG GUY in the office, they’re his little chocolate and candy marbles and as long as no one disturbs the arrangement he remains the big guy in the office. This is also reflected in his Thursday pay packet because there’s always more for him than anyone else. Always. So now he’s the BIG RICH GUY in the office and these lolly beads he has on his desk here are to let everybody know how he scored the win. It’s a game some Real Estate operators play when they’re calculating the week’s commissions.

2 green = 2 sales

4 blue = 4 offers good and holding

1 red = I never got it

1 brown = The buyer was an idiot.


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