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See the conquerors step over the grease patch that was once human.

horoshima – a portrait

The child Yukio S survived the titanic waves of radiation that cleansed his neighbourhood after the American bomb swept Hiroshima away.

His mother’s body was photographed some six months later by the Americans; it was imprinted faintly on the remnant wall of the small tailor’s shop that had for years provided an income for her small family while Yukio’s father tended to the Allied Prisoners of War building the Burma Railway.

She wore floral that last day; see her head combs opalescent and riven into the rough plaster of the ruined wall of the bedroom she shared with Yukio and his sister.
See the conquerors step over the grease patch that was once human.

Yukio S lives in Torquay these days and although unable to either hear or speak he has built up a niche market in miniature Japanese Typhoon Gardens.

Yukio uses three grades of crushed Queensland marble, large porous granite boulders and a lifetime of bonsai culture to create passive islands in the midst of typhoon swells.

He subjects the granite to five years of a nitrogen enhanced drip condensation to build up a deep mossy base, enough to support a forest of miniature radiata on the rock’s crest.

He sets the boulder central in a sea of fine marble leavings, not unlike a mountaintop breaching the sea, and then he fashions the majestic and symmetrical lines of storm surf surrounding the breach in carefully arrayed lines of finer crushed marble, all set permanently in clear resin.

The individual gardens are set upon an eight inch teak base and are relatively portable.
They suit small inner city dwellings, childless couples.

The melancholy amongst us.

Prices vary.

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  1. I’ve started reading from the beginning. Bear with me…

    September 12, 2011

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