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Posts tagged ‘Kevin Brennan’

warren cornish – after the funeral

the boys who rode balsa

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aub laidlaw, bondi lawman

Aub Laidlaw also had a very big problem with women in small two-piece swimming costumes – so much so that he took to measuring them when he was unsure of their legality, being a measurable requirement of municipal morality ordained by the local council at the time,

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kevin (the head) brennan does breakfast

He was a troublesome jockey sized kid with an Irish pugnacity, an improper regard to discipline, a feral cunning and a consummate and admirable deftness in the surf. His agility, and ability to control the heavy boards of the time seemed effortless.

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travelling south

For hours afterward motorists wondered at the deep red stains by the roadside; the local Police had no explanation for the apparent phenomenon, and ambulance officers later confirmed that the red substance that covered large portions of the highway was definitely not spilt blood.

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