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funny business

They arrived beneath us at about 9 am, two men in a outboard powered dinghy with a centre-housed steering console.

One of them fished all day.

A big man wearing a red cap.  The other, darker man was wearing a black T with no hat. As the redcap fished the black T either watched the shore or used his phone while crouched low on the forward side of the steering console. Holding it as if to take a photograph of something.

Redcap often on the phone as he fished, once pulling a fighting bream from the water after ten minutes of skilled play.

Hours passed.

About 5 pm a small single-masted yacht motored into sight from the east then turned off its engine and drifted mid-river to the north of a sandy island that forms part of an upper-river estuary five hundred yards away.

Redcap stowed his gear, kicked the boat’s engine into life and shot over to the island quick-smart, beaching himself alongside another boat drawn onto the sand. He remained standing in the bow as a couple of men wandered his way.

Then the yacht slowly turned 180 degrees and motored back the way it came as Redcap and Black T exited the estuary and headed up-river throttle down.

The boat with three men aboard followed the yacht about five minutes later.

Nothing to do all day then everything happens in ten minutes.

Funny business that.

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  1. I have a sister-in-law who uses the word ‘suspicious’ a great deal, often in contexts where it is inappropriate or hyperbolic; she makes us laugh with it. I think she might use that word in these circumstances!

    May 9, 2020

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