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the kid

Lismore in the cold rain, in winter. Gently mocked by the Sudanese child in her colours and sandals – walking by.

The Spotlight store is the only one on main street with an escalator rising off the pavement, just by the two Salvation Army women at their card table. Cold where they sit too, day after day.

This place is a rooftop barn of materials things and women – women who make, who never buy made. Over to the side a vermillion haired girl corrals her three children. Three four and eight. Eight is the boy.

The kid.

Then she bends back over a rack of fabric, feeling the bolts – looking hard at the machine knit. The two children sprint past me, the kid is chasing them but doing it quietly. So mum can’t hear without listening. They don’t even giggle as they flee from him.

They flit about the fixtures – he’s got a gun and he double-stances around the corners in an easy semi-crouch. Both hands up to his weapon. Adults are just slow moving beasts without any understanding of the game being played about them, so they are just cover.

Except for mum, who has the hearing of an owl.

I’m summoned to the counter to pay, we are done here and as we leave the kid slips into view; scoping down an aisle, so sly. Small children rustle in the racks behind us.

I have this special car key, it looks just like a derringer two-shot. It’s in my hand. The kid is mine.

” Freeze .. !! ”

The kid counts one .. two .. three, before he looks up at me, sees I’ve thrown down on him.

He knows.

My wife, startled, says ‘ what’s happening? ‘

‘ The kid, ‘ I say, ‘ he’s got a gun. ‘

That’s when he smiled.


Lismore. My Town.

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  1. To your point Pete, I thought I’d share this:

    To release the ring from the spreader bar, hold the scrotum with one hand making sure both testicles are below the ring. Pull the applicator away from the scrotum until the ring comes off. Next put one hand on the handle of the eze, with the other hand take a hold of the t-handle and pull it backwards as far as you can at the end of the eze.

    Finish tightening the ring with the pistol grip. When completed the tightening rod should be within an inch from the handle. Smash the clip with the larger of the two handles. Finish the procedure by cutting the rubber with the smaller handle. This whole procedure should only take about 15 to 20 seconds.

    June 30, 2012
    • well, thank you for that brew – it’s amazing the progress that’s been made with spreader release, we had to do it all with a crowbar.

      June 30, 2012
  2. Crowbar eh?

    Hope you wore your goggles and Kevlar.

    Besides my own, personal nullification, I have castrated several large humans by roping them, haltering the thing with a stout halter, tying it to a fence post of a plank or pipe corral, then closing a strong gate up on his free side. With several helpers, one to hold the gate tight against the deranged human’s side by using a rope behind his butt tied to the center of the gate, then run to a fence post on the other side for leverage, and another strong, fearless helper to hold the base of the person’s coccyx straight up over his back with as much power as he can muster. This immobilizes his legs to a great extent. Then he may be castrated with the clamps. Never clamp both testicles at once. You must never clamp across the center division between the testicles. Do one at a time instead.

    Yours in Jesus Grellman,


    July 3, 2012
    • I’ll raise you 1 cormac mccarthy – show or fold brew.

      July 3, 2012

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