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the next headland

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The paperback might be a little while after Amazon stopped shipping non-digital items to Australia in response to the federal govt’s efforts to collect GST on them. Shit eh?

Efforts are being made to make it available on Booktopia.


The Blurb .. by Bennison Books.

Out now! This wonderful story for children of all ages is by the Australian author Peter Bowes who has previously published fiction for adults and a fictionalised account of the still-unsolved Somerton Man case.

Six-year-old Toby has to leave the only home he’s ever known to go and live with his grandfather Tom in a remote part of the New South Wales coast near Moutrey Point. Fourteen hours away by train, the south coast’s towering seas, ferocious storms and swirling seabirdsare all unimaginable to a small boy who knows only creeks and shallow dams.Toby and Tom have only met once before, but gradually became inseparable as they deal with their grief, share adventures, survive perils and carve out a whole new life together. Tom has many things to teach his small grandson and discovers along the way that he too has much to learn.

Amazon UK:
Amazon UK Kindle (pre-order for 3 November):
Amazon US:
Amazon US Kindle (pre-order for 3 November):
And available for Kindle in Australia (pre-order for 3 November):

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  1. The cover for the books is so evocative and I am not to sure what evocative means. But it has got me curious, not that means anything. Ok, it is obvious, I want that comment at the front of the book. But I have yet to read his other books, in sequence. I have some experience of this fella, as he does me.

    So I have now clue what this book is about.

    November 4, 2019

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