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getting in and getting out – 3

‘ Stay in the building until they’ve all cleared out then start loading up. Use the stairwell to go from floor to floor, never the lift.

Start at the top floor, walk into any open office, look for small computers, anything in black leather bags, mobile phones. The petty cash will be there somewhere but it’s always hard to find. Try offices with a clean desk and plenty of bookshelves for that. If the computers are plugged in, yank out the leads. ‘

Dixon sat rigid, listening hard.

‘ If someone sees me? ‘ He queried.

‘ Don’t get caught with anything in your hands. ‘

‘ Start at the top and hit every one. The last door is onto the street. ‘

Dell paused, ‘ if you get sprung, tell them you’re one of the casuals, whatever, make some shit up up then get off the floor.

Dell’s cigarette had burned into a tube of ash as it lay unattended.

He waited.

‘ I’ll need something to carry it all out, won’t I? ‘ Dixon said as he looked down at his bitten fingers, a few tremors in them now.
Dell nodded, ‘ yeah, the bigger the better. You OK with that? ‘

The youth sat thoughtful and still. He looked up at Dell.

‘ Where will you be? ‘

‘ Nowhere near you. ‘

Dell sat back and smiled.
‘ Tonight’s the night, you won’t be any good to me tomorrow. ‘

Mick got up and left the booth. Dell raised his finger for another coffee.

To be continued

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