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getting in and getting out – 2

‘ Hey Mick! ‘

Dixon looked up at the figure that blackened the door. Foley. Two months in the city from Mildura. Thirteen years old.
‘ Yeah, Foley, what’s at? ‘
The boy walked over and sat in the seat vacated by Dell.
‘ You with Dell? ‘ he asked.
‘ Yeah. ‘
‘ Buying? ‘
‘ Nah. ‘
The boy’s sharp eyes flicked about the room, table to table.
‘ What’s he got you doing? ‘
‘ Says I can work it up if I do an office building tonight. ‘
Foley smiled and his white teeth shone.
‘ He had me do that with a bucket and a rag once. I told everyone I was the window cleaner’s assistant. ‘
He laughed.
‘ They let you in? ‘
‘ Most of them. Walked through half the offices. Dell told me lunchtime was best. ‘
‘ What did you get? ‘ Dixon said and sat up a little straighter.
‘ A handbag, two mobiles and a wallet from some guy’s briefcase. Stuck them into the bucket and covered them with the rags. I was in and out in fifteen minutes. Real easy. ‘
Foley’s teeth shone again.
‘ Three hundred bucks in the wallet. Boom! ‘

Dell returned from the toilet and looked down at Foley.
‘ You here for me? he asked. The oily haired man slid back into his booth.
‘ No mate, not today. See you Mick, ‘ and the boy slipped out of the cafĂ© and into the sunshine.
Dell resumed his seat, lit another cigarette and tapped his finger on the table.

To be continued

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